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Can you name the eight Hawaiian Islands without looking at the map?  Although Hawaii is a chain of hundreds of islands formed by volcanoes, there are eight islands that have people living on them.  Most visitors are only familiar with four:  Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii (The Big Island).  Because I had the amazing experience of living in Hawaii for five wonderful years, I quickly came to realize that there are eight islands.  Look at the island in the top left: Niihau.  The locals on this island speak primarily Hawaiian and because of its history, you can visit this island if you either work for the government or if you are invited.  So, out of these eight islands, I was not able to visit this island, Molokai, or Kahoolawe.  Kahoolawe was leased by the government and used as a training ground and bombing range by the Navy.  This small island was given back to the state and is not open for visitors.  I will visit Molokai soon.  I have great admiration for this island because of the history.  Hawaiians that showed signs of Leprosy were forced into quarantine on Molokai.  There are no active cases on the island today.  Many of my friends in Hawaii have made recent visits to hike this island and pay tribute to those that were forced from their families.

I was able to visit most of the islands on a regular basis for my job and for pleasure.  Here is what the islands have in common:  beautiful beaches, amazing snorkeling and diving, perfect waters for boating, fishing and whale watching, stark mountains to gaze at or hike on, views that are breathtaking, delicious local goodies to eat, and diverse climates within each island.  For example, I lived on Oahu.  On any given day it would be sunny on Waikiki beach, rainy in Kaneohe, windy and cool in Mililani, dry and hot in Kapolei and Makaha, and warm and cloudy with big surf on the North Shore.  Within an hour, I could drive to another part of the island to experience a different climate.  It is like this on all the islands.  The island differences are also their uniqueness.  For example, The Big Island has the tallest mountains, often topped with snow, and has an active flowing volcano:  Kileaua. 

I am connected to these islands.  I try to make yearly trips back and have plans to increase that in the near future.  Want to join me?  Add your email to my eSavers list so I can keep you informed on my tours. 

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Here is an eBrochure highlighting amazing land vacations in Hawaii:  HAWAII eBrochure




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